Intrabiz brings the power of a professionally managed accounting system to all your local volunteer treasurers with complete central control at an affordable price.

Intrabiz handles all set-up, configuration, deployment, maintenance, training and support and requires no special expertise from any of your staff or volunteer base. You will not be required to install or configure any software – from the user perspective the system is ‘switch-on-and-use’.

Through a combination of innovative design and all-embracing pro-active support, your treasurers are empowered to deliver accurate accounts to your standards and format whether or not they have previous accounting experience.

As the system is Internet-based, you have complete up-to-the-second oversight of the accounts of all branches along with on-demand consolidated management reports and seamless integration with your central accounts.

Users only need access to a Web browser to use the system. Treasurers can appoint deputies for work-sharing and can provide view-only access to Chairs and Auditors.